Photography and its pursuit is my refuge. To be surrounded by countless stars as“Indigo amber hues bright, Reigns in Onyx Veil” is a point of inspiration and image creation.  A sunrise, a moonset, the translucence of a leaf, a simple drop of rain or crashing wave, this is where I find my solace. Nature is my refuge. Nature’s perfection surrounds our daily lives. My goal through my images is to interpret that perfection within that fractional moment the capture is made.  Many times I fail and sometimes the universe allows me to get lucky. Through its juxtaposition to its precise symmetry, to its endless palate of vibrant hues, and its absence in black and white, I can find that peace and harmony we may often times find fleeting  Balance and serenity, that equilibrium we desperately pursue is the goal I seek in my imagery, to present the world as it is and interpret its perfection. The images are by no means perfect.  I only offer a sense of solace, serenity and refuge within. PEACE!


"Pass earth sea and sky

Indigo amber hues bright

Reigns in Onyx Veil."